How to Become a TIFF provider?


How to become a TIFF provider?


Becoming a TIFF provider is more of a process than an event so that each person gains their own deep and thorough understanding of how and why TIFF works as it does for helping people develop and flourish.

The first step is to complete the TIFF questionnaire and then receive individual feedback. Training is based on this experience. It includes workshops, seminars, tutorials and supervised work with practice clients. The experiential exercises, discussions and use of case studies help people learn from their own and each other’s growing experience of TIFF and how to use it.


Potential TIFF Providers are already experienced practitioners in their respective fields. The TIFF Provider Training is designed to enable people to meet the TIFF Licensing Criteria that support effective and appropriate provision of TIFF for the full benefit of clients.


Training is organised flexibly to meet the needs of participants. It can be provided ‘in-house’, in an ongoing group or otherwise.