Our Core Values

When choices are made that align with our values and principles, it is energy-giving and inspiring. This gives us the moral compass we navigate by.  We believe that we attract people who embrace our values. What nourishes us? How do we want to be in the world?

See and Add Value

We add value in everything that we do. Even more important, we see value. We see value in people, in our colleagues and our clients. We see it, even if the other person doesn’t see it, yet.

Genuine Interest

We have a genuine interest in people. All kinds of different people from different countries, with different ideas and different backgrounds. The way that they behave and interact in all situations and roles. It is through our genuine interest that we can keep an open mind.

Lifelong Learning

We learn every day and our learning never stops. We learn about human behaviour, in our job and from everyday events. We learn from our clients; from individuals, from leaders, from teams, from other (company) cultures, from teachers, from parents, from all generations. This is how we grow and get better at what we do. As Maya Angelou nicely put it: “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

Do the Right Thing

We do the right thing. Even when the right thing is not the easiest thing. Doing the right thing means that we are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word. Trust is a central part in all our relationships. We respect boundaries, we are reliable, accountable and transparent. We keep confidential what is not ours to share. We interact with integrity and understanding without judgment and with generosity in interpretation. We share success. That’s what it truly means for us to run a fair business.

Keep it Simple

We like to keep things simple. If things are simple, everybody can understand, and we can help more people. Even if things become, are or even seem complicated, we find a way to bring it back to the essence. We believe it is the best way to grow, for ourselves and others.

When you learn, teach. When you get, give.

Your Personal TIFF Experience

A great way to start getting to know Functional Fluency is through your own personal "TIFF Experience". This process really puts the "personal" back into "personal development".

You can choose a licenced TIFF provider, who you feel you can connect with. This person will provide you with a link to fill in a TIFF questionnaire online in your own time. The result of this will be a snapshot of your patterns of social behaviour. In a collaborative one-on-one feeback session, your TIFF provider will support you in making sense of your behavioural profile and provide guidance for how to use this information.

Try it out and, if you like, let us know what happens next!

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