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 FUNCTIONAL FLUENCY is the BEST KEPT SECRET in the coaching industry right now, and we want to share it with YOU!


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The monetary investment for our training programs depends on where you live and work in the world. Our aim is to make our training programs accessible and affordable for all. We have therefore chosen to adapt all our training fees according to the purchasing power of different regions (currencies). For information about the training fee in your currency, either click on the currency icon in the menu bar on the top right corner of our website and select your currency or email info@functionalfluency.com.


This training is for you if . . .

. . . you are an experienced helping professional looking for the best for your clients, for the path with the most value, because that is, after all, your mission. You like to work with practical and effective tools to stimulate your client’s growth. The TIFF© Providers Licensing training offers this possibility.

Embedded at a psychological level in the structure and language of TIFF© and Functional Fluency are messages of hope and encouragement, designed to inspire courage and curiosity. This makes TIFF© an excellent tool for empowerment. TIFF© is also congruent with Positive Psychology and Solutions Focus practice.

This unique training is especially designed for a variety of (helping) professionals who:

 guide other people in their personal and professional development

 give one-on-one coaching or individual guidance 

 manage change and transition processes in organizations

 support leaders and teams in their development 

 support parents or caregivers in raising children

 give family and/or relationship support and guidance

Coaches, counsellors, consultants, trainers, mentors, educationalists and psychotherapists who have also undergone this training in other parts of the world report that Functional Fluency and TIFF© has increased their own (inter)personal effectiveness AND that of their clients.

Functional Fluency and TIFF© are excellent for use in business, government, education, and also in raising children and optimising interpersonal relationships in the private sphere. In short: in all places where people work and live together.

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Qualifies for 40 ICF CCE credits

ICF members can earn 40 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units upon completing the TPLT: 

  • Core Competencies: 23
  • Resource Development: 17

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Everything you need to successfully bring Functional Fluency to your clients

Join us in spreading Functional Fluency to help build better and more effective interpersonal (working) relationships around the world. This training will enable you to successfully integrate Functional Fluency into your professional practice to support your clients to become more effective in all realms of life. In this training we will give you everything you need to successfully use Functional Fluency and the related TIFF© people development tool with your clients and more, including:

  A so-called TIFF©-feedback session to explore your own TIFF© profile.

  A one-year Standard Membership of the International Functional Fluency network, including three TIFF© questionnaires for use with your clients, group supervision, resources, and marketing materials.

  Access to the Functional Fluency International network to further support you in the use of Functional Fluency and TIFF©

  40 CCE (Continuous Coaching Education) credits that you may apply towards renewal of your ICF (International Coaching Federation) Credential if you have one. 

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1 TIME        PAYMENT      (Best Value)










  • If you are working in a Euro-country you pay  € 1680,- instead of € 2100,-
  • For information about the training fee in your currency, click on the currency icon in the menu bar on the top right corner of the website, select your currency and deduct 20%.


  • If you are working in a Euro-country you pay 3 monthly installments of € 630,-.
  • For information about the training fee in your currency, click on the currency icon in the menu bar on the top right corner of the website, select your currency and deduct 10%. Divide the amount by 3. This will give you your 3-month installment plan.
  •  If you are working in a Euro-country you pay 6 monthly installments of € 350,-.
  • For information about the training fee in your currency, click on the currency icon in the menu bar on the top right corner of the website, select your currency and the total fee will appear. Divide the amount by 6. This will give you your 6-month installment plan.


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At the end of this training:

√  You will have got to know Functional Fluency in its practical applicability as a unique body of thought and you will be able to explain the model interactively in coaching and training situations.

√  You are skilled in the correct interpretation of the TIFF© profile of a client in relation to his/her coaching question.

 You will be able to discuss the TIFF© profile with a client in a supportive and empowering way.

√  You can identify coaching themes and/or training needs that will further increase the (inter)personal effectiveness of the client when tackling the development issue.

√  You will have increased your own effectiveness in your professional life as a coach/helping professional as well as in your personal life.

√  You will have got to know the support systems and the network that are accessible to you as a Certified TIFF© Provider.

√ You will have earned 40 ICF CCE units: 23 towards ICF Core Comptencies and 17 towards Resource Development.

and so much more!

Training Dates

This online ICF CCE accredited experiential course spans approximately 2 to 4 months, depending on the training schedule (either four days or eight half days). Two online courses in English are scheduled for 2023:

  • Option one - starting on February 10 - consists of 4 whole training days. SPECIAL OFFER ENDS ON JANUARY 31, 2023!

  • Option two - starting on April 24 - consists of 8 x 4 hour session and is suitable for US, Canada and South America time zones!  SPECIAL OFFER ENDS ON APRIL 14, 2023!

Two supervision sessions will be scheduled between the training dates.

Option One: February - May 2023 Option Two - April - June 2023
Module 1: February 10 | 9 am - 4:30 pm CET Module 1a: April 24 | 5 pm - 9 pm CET
Module 2: February 11 | 9 am - 5 pm CET Module 1b: April 25 |5 pm - 9 pm CET
Module 3:March 31 | 9 am - 5 pm CET Module 2a: April 26 |5 pm - 9 pm CET
Module 4:May 5 | 9 am - 5 pm CET Module 2b: April 27 | 5 pm - 9 pm CET
  Module 3a: May 29  | 5 pm - 9 pm CET
  Module 3b: May 30  | 5 pm - 9 pm CET
  Module 4a: June 22 | 5 pm - 9 pm CET
  Module 4b: June 23 | 5 pm - 9 pm CET


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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The most successful professionals will be those who have a deep understanding, commitment to continuously learning, hone their craft, and have the support of a peer group. We designed this program with our expertise, as one of the pioneers in the field of behavioral ‘actometric’ tools, to help you succeed.

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