The Fluent Leader - Book

Functional Fluency and Effective Leadership Inspired by Transactional Analysis.

The Fluent Leader is a practical guide to the use of Functional Fluent behaviour in all leadership and management roles.

The Fluent Leader shows how leaders can:

  • direct their energy most effectively
  • engage staff so that the organization achieves its goals
  • develop productive working relationships
  • enable staff, departments and the organization to flourish and thrive

"The Fluent Leader" is based on the Functional Fluency model created and developed by Dr Susannah Temple, and highlights the art and skill of using your power and choice of behavioral options to create a positive and healthy working environment where both people and organizations can succeed.

Comprising of eight chapters, and with contributions from nine experienced authors in the field of leadership and development, this groundbreaking book includes colour illustrations and engaging case studies. "The Fluent Leader" addresses situations leaders face as managers, team leaders, senior executives, and change agents. You will learn how to use the most effective behaviors and change ineffective ones that are draining you or holding you back.

The Fluent Leader describes the behaviors that enable human beings to get along well together and to flourish and thrive, inspiring and motivating others to manage and lead constructively, saving time, energy, and stress. Fluent leaders make positive and flexible responses, helping things turn out well, instead of repeating old automatic reactions that sometimes make things worse.

This book will illuminate the what, why, and how of effective leadership in our increasingly complex and demanding world and describes the behaviors that enable human beings to get along well together and to flourish and thrive, inspiring and motivating others to manage and lead constructively, saving time, energy, and stress.

Incorporating Functional Fluency into your leadership style will improve your problem-solving, decision-making, and communication skills, enabling you to cultivate successful relationships. "The Fluent Leader" will guide you in developing effective leadership of self, others, and organizations, inspiring and supporting your growth.

This is a must-read book for (upcoming) leaders and managers at all levels in any kind of organization and is also very useful for coaches working with teams or within organizations of any size.

Get a deeper insight into The Fluent leader and its inspiration from direct interviews with the authors of each chapter. See the links below

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"This comprehensive text will inspire and support the development of effective leadership of self, others and organisations. Through clearly presented theory and engaging case studies, these skilled and experienced practitioners demonstrate the power of the Functional Fluency approach, illuminating the what, why and how of effective leadership in our increasingly complex and demanding world"

- Graeme Summers, London Business School Executive Coach & co-author of Co-creative Transactional Analysis

"A wider range of readers than those in leadership will find this a worthwhile read ......... the writing is consistently engaging and well edited throughout - an impressive achievement given the range of contributors and varied perspectives. This is an easy book to pick up and get into with plenty of ideas to take away and try out."

- Giles Barrow, Independent Educator, UK

"'The Fluent Leader' makes complex leadership concepts accessible and actionable. Its structured approach, combining theory with real-world case studies and reflective questions ensures readers from any organisational background will find value and applicability in the articles. The authors' emphasis on introspection and behaviour transformation over mere skill acquisition is refreshing and relevant in today's fast-paced and constantly evolving business environments."

- Sven Golub, Facilitator and Coach, Germany

"For me, the strength in this book lies in the practical relevance and direct applicability of Functional Fluency in everyday leadership situations. Through reflection, I was able to sharpen my perception and sensitivity in dialogue with my team and thus expand my skills in “accounting” in the sense of the model. This allowed me to learn more about my own behavioural patterns and, instead of just reacting, consciously decide how my communication can contribute to better relationships with my team. This worked well from the start and helped me to waste less energy on frustrating and unproductive discussions."

- Frederik Sauer, Head of learning & Development, Germany

"You don’t need to be an expert in Transactional Analysis to make use of The Fluent Leader. With simple graphics and helpful case illustrations, I found it easy to hold the structure in mind, as a mental model for trusted guidance and creative experiments, to make practical improvements in my leadership. As a coach, I use the material with many of my clients who like the flexibility, range and precision. The strength of The Fluent Leader is in the apparent simplicity of a way of being at work, which can be expressed on a single page of A4 which yet reveals a rich resource for exploring relationships and behaviour in your organisation."

- Tony Worgan, Coach & Leadership Development Consultant, Former Head of BBC Coaching & Mentoring


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