Standard Membership

Participants in the TIFF Provider Licensing Training automatically receive a Standard membership as soon as they have completed their training. The first year is free. Thereafter, membership runs annually and is automatically renewed, unless it is cancelled 28 days prior to the month in which membership began.

Price for Standard membership after the first year:
€ 185,00 excl. VAT for Euro countries.

Prices for countries outside of the Euro-zone are adapted according to purchasing power. View the overall membership page and click on the currency icon on the menu bar in the right corner for info about the annual membership fee in your currency.

Keep practising is the credo. You will immediately receive 3 TIFF credits with this membership, and if you wish, you can purchase more questionnaire instances separately. As this membership is aimed at professionals who have their own practice guiding and coaching clients, we also provide supervision, network meetings and marketing material.

A sound professional basis

As soon as you start using Functional Fluency actively in your work as a coach, trainer, team lead, change manager or other helping professional, you will need more knowledge of FF.

With your Standard membership you will get all the support you need to actively improve your Functional Fluency skills on a regular basis. You will have access to the latest articles and videos and you can participate in 1 online session (webinar or network session) per year. In addition, you can go into depth during 2 x 90 minute online group supervisions.

As a TIFF-Provider, you are probably entirely or partly self-employed. You run your own practice, possibly in-house, and therefore you need to promote your own expertise professionally. Functional Fluency international provides you with marketing material, resources and digital information to help you expand your existing practice and grow your business. 


Respond more, react less.

Your Personal TIFF Experience

A great way to start getting to know Functional Fluency is through your own personal "TIFF Experience". This process really puts the "personal" back into "personal development".

You can choose a licenced TIFF provider, who you feel you can connect with. This person will provide you with a link to fill in a TIFF questionnaire online in your own time. The result of this will be a snapshot of your patterns of social behaviour. In a collaborative one-on-one feeback session, your TIFF provider will support you in making sense of your behavioural profile and provide guidance for how to use this information.

Try it out and, if you like, let us know what happens next!

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