Discovery membership

Participants of the Introduction to Functional Fluency workshop automatically receive a one-year the Discovery Membership. 

Price for Introduction to Functional Fluency + membership:
€ 75,00 excl. VAT in Euro countries. 

Adjusted prices for countries outside of the Euro-zone. View the overall membership page and click on the currency icon on the menu bar in the right corner for info about the annual membership fee in your currency.


One year of additional inspiration and information as you navigate your personal leadership journey. This includes 1x free Get on the Mat sessions (live and online) and 1 onlne session (webinar of network session). 
The focus is on your own personal growth.

Inspiration, support, growth

It's not difficult to get inspired by Functional Fluency.  Staying inspired is just as easy!

Throughout the year, our Discovery membership will provide you with news, articles, videos to support you on your personal leadership journey.

With a bit of clever planning, you will be able to get a refresher twice in your one-year free membership: You can either participate in one of the many interesting webinars led by FFI trainers or external experts, or sign up for the dynamic online Get on the Mat group session and learn together as you playfully explore with others.

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Your Personal TIFF Experience

A great way to start getting to know Functional Fluency is through your own personal "TIFF Experience". This process really puts the "personal" back into "personal development".

You can choose a licenced TIFF provider, who you feel you can connect with. This person will provide you with a link to fill in a TIFF questionnaire online in your own time. The result of this will be a snapshot of your patterns of social behaviour. In a collaborative one-on-one feeback session, your TIFF provider will support you in making sense of your behavioural profile and provide guidance for how to use this information.

Try it out and, if you like, let us know what happens next!

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