Online TIFF© Provider Licensing Training (French)

Registration is open only until 28th February 2023! Are you ready to take that next step on your journey in supporting others? As a Trained TIFF Provider you get exclusive access to a powerful, proven tool for …

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Webinar: Neuroscience and the Functionally Fluent Brain

For anyone!!! In this webinar David Brown will delve into neuroscience and …

Get on the Mat workshop

Anyone can join! The online Get on the Mat workshop (GOTM) offers …

Functional Fluency Supervision

For TIFF© Providers only! Online Supervision Lieuwe Koopmans (Dutch or English) Date

Functional Fluency Supervision

For TIFF© Providers only! Online Supervision with Anette Dielmann (German or English)

Online TIFF© Provider Licensing Training

Registration is open until March 17, 2023. Are you ready to take …

Introduction to Functional Fluency

For anyone!!! Whether you are a parent, teacher, CEO, manager, leader, coach …

Transformation stories

Functional Fluency stands for freedom of choice! The choice to choose effective or ineffective behaviour, to feel energised or weak, to let others determine my behaviour or to decide for myself. Thanks to Functional Fluency, I take the helm in my own hands from my awareness and increasingly determine my own course.

Klaas Koster

Trainer, The Netherlands

I did the TPLT because I wanted to be able to use an assessment tool founded in TA theory. The course has improved my confidence in talking about Functional Fluency and broader TA theory in coaching, educational and organisational settings. The buddy group gave great opportunities to practise, share ideas and gain mutual support. The supervision provided was invaluable throughout the process.


Sarah Lowes

Excalibur Development, United Kingdom

If you want to work with behaviours with your clients, the TIFF tool has great rigour and research behind it. Clients ‘get’ the Functional Fluency model and can access its value to their development immediately. It’s visually engaging and stimulates good dialogue. The language is easy to transfer into any setting, especially the workplace. The Functional Fluency International community is also passionate and engaging. 

Kate Shaw

Sure Potential Limited, United Kingdom

I am still learning.

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