Get on the Mat 'in-depth' workshop

Anyone who is willing to explore unknown territory can join! 

The Get on the Mat workshop (GOTM) offers an amazing opportunity to deeply experience Functional Fluency in action, working with the Model through a systemic (constellation) framework.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have an issue or question you would like to explore.
  • You are curious to discover how you can use Functional Fluency to resolve issues.
  • You are familiar with systemic (constellation) work and/or open to an experience coming from a place of ‘not-knowing’.
  • You are willing to reflect at a deeper level.

How does GOTM work?

After a brief explanation of the Functional Fluency model and a sharing of the workshop guide lines, the facilitator will invite participants to explore a case scenario using the virtual Functional Fluency Mat. Whoever is willing may present an ‘issue’. The facilitator may then invite the other participants to step on to The Mat to provide a living representation of whoever or whatever is involved in the context of the ‘issue’. Being a ‘representative’ is not about role playing, acting or performing; it’s a unique process that requires openness, sensitivity, and a willingness to connect with the unseen forces at play.

The purpose of the GOTM is to make sense of what is happening on The Mat and gather data about a situation for the ‘Issue Holders’ to create more clarity, to help unstick stuck aspects in the context of the issue, to give insight into how they can use their energy more effectively and give new information about how to proceed.

As a participant you are given the opportunity to see what you could not see before and get an overview of possibilities. Together with other participants you tap into the "Knowing Field" while exploring issues on The Mat, where everything has a right to belong. On The Mat we place people, family members, colleagues, feelings and emotions and anything that is relevant to whatever shift is desired. 

The facilitator is there to guide the process.

Date: 29 July 2024

Time: 19:00 - 21:00 CEST - please check what this is in your timezone!

A maximum of 6 participants can join per workshop. Registration closes on July 22, 2024.


€ 95 (excl VAT) for participants from the EURO region. If you are signing up from outside of Europe, the amount will depend on the country you are signing up from. For information about the fee per currency, please visit the program page via the button below and click on the currency icon in the right top corner in the menu of the website.

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If you are a Discovery member, you can join 1 GOTM-session per year for free. 

If you are soon to be joining a GOTM Facilitator Training, this workshop is included in your training fee.

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