Get on the Mat workshop

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Anyone can join! The Get on the Mat workshop (GOTM) offers an amazing opportunity for anyone to fully experience Functional Fluency in action, working with the Model through a systemic framework.

We 'play' out different circumstances and situations. We get an overview of possibilities. We see what we could not see before. We tap into the "Knowing Field" while exploring our issue on The Mat, where everything has a right to belong. On The Mat we place people, issues, family members or colleagues that are relevant to whatever shift is desired. During a session we make sense of what happens on The Mat and often settle into a solution or receive new clarity around our issue. We free ourselves from ineffective patterns of behavior. We learn to self-regulate with more effective behavior. We work to establish internal balance, ease, self-love, emotional safety and healthy connections with ourselves and others.

Growth & transformation are hard as it is, why not make it more playful and get long lasting and valuable results at the same time?

Next upcoming GOTM workshop dates

  • Monday, 2 October 2023 from 19:00 - 21:00 CEST
  • Monday, 11 December 2023 from 19:00 - 21:00 CET


€ 50 (excl VAT) for participants from the EURO region. If you are signing up from outside of Europe, the amount will depend on the country you are signing up from. To find out what the fee  is for your currency, please either click on the currency-icon in the top right corner of the menu of the website or contact us at info@functionalfluency.com

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Transformation stories

I did the TPLT because I wanted to be able to use an assessment tool founded in TA theory. The course has improved my confidence in talking about Functional Fluency and broader TA theory in coaching, educational and organisational settings. The buddy group gave great opportunities to practise, share ideas and gain mutual support. The supervision provided was invaluable throughout the process.


Sarah Lowes

Excalibur Development, United Kingdom

If you want to work with behaviours with your clients, the TIFF tool has great rigour and research behind it. Clients ‘get’ the Functional Fluency model and can access its value to their development immediately. It’s visually engaging and stimulates good dialogue. The language is easy to transfer into any setting, especially the workplace. The Functional Fluency International community is also passionate and engaging. 

Kate Shaw

Sure Potential Limited, United Kingdom

I particularly appreciated the attentiveness and commitment of the trainers and the supervision was invaluable. The course has helped me look at my own behaviour – when I act effectively and when I lose my energy. I have gained a valuable tool to work with professionally.

Agnieszka Woś-Szymanowska

Business Consultant, Poland


Kamla de Haas

Holistic systemic Life & Awareness coach

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Motivate change, enhance strengths, transform ineffective behaviour

Each session is a 2-hour in-depth interactive playfield in a confidential small-group setting. You will have the opportunity to act out your own challenging experiences on the Functional Fluency mat.

Our Functional Fluency & TIFF© Providers will skillfully guide the 'Get on the mat' sessions in a safe and supportive way. The sessions are personal and respectful of your level of willingness to transform.

Get on the mat is THE time to explore the leader within, to find tools and insights whilst being in the moment and having fun.

Are you achieving what you really want?

How do I behave and how effective is my behaviour? Do I respond or do I react? Is my behaviour beneficial for me? Is it beneficial for others? Am I achieving what is really important to me? The big questions we need to ask ourselves if we want to grow and become more effective in all areas of our lives. 

Insightful, eye opening and fun

One of the most significant aspects of leadership is the capability of being in charge of your own mind, emotions and actions.

In the ' Get on the Mat' sessions we use Functional Fluency as a means for you to explore the way you behave and interact in all kinds of situations. You will get insight into how effectively you influence and lead yourself and others.

The Functional Fluency model is a behavioural model helping you to understand your effective and ineffective behaviour and how you can transform ineffective behaviour into effective behaviour for better outcomes.

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If you want to bring this to your company, mail to info@functionalfluency.com. These sessions are amazing teambuilders and a true gift for your company and its people.

The Get on the Mat workshop is also the starting point for those TIFF© Providers who would like to become Get on the Mat Trainers.


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