Kamla de Haas

Hi splendid, my name is Kamla, I work as a certified TIFF© Provider and a Holistic systemic Life & Awareness coach. Mom of twins and I live in Curacao. Locally and internationally I work with a diverse brave group of mostly women and some brave men, who are ready to fully embrace their right to be. I believe in human potential. Therefore I founded Splendid Coaching and made it my life's work to empower and enrich myself and my clients, allowing us to strive for our highest potential, decide our own destiny and construct our own best unique life. I use the eye-opening, profound and yet simple Functional Fluency framework and TIFF© tool as they give people the clarity and insight to create a more effective life that benefits themselves and others. I provide individual and team/group coaching, training and workshops. I also use my own podcasts and life to broaden more awareness, oneness and grace.

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