Your Body, Your Mind, Your Power of Choice workshop

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We're excited to announce the launch of our brand-new workshop series, "The Fluent Guide Series – Psychological resources for life and work," designed to empower individuals on their personal and professional journeys.

As part of this series, we invite you to join us for our inaugural workshop:

Title: Your Body, Your Mind, Your Power of Choice
Date: September 25th, 2024
Time: 13:00 - 17:00 CEST
Duration: Four hours

Delve into the profound impact of pivotal stages in women's lives – Puberty, Pregnancy, and Perimenopause (the three P’s!) – through the lens of Functional Fluency. Guided by Joanna Williams (Psychotherapist and Executive Coach) and co-facilitated by Leona Bishop (Coach and Trainer), this workshop pronises insightful exploration, interactive sessions, and fresh perspectives.

Here's a glimpse of what's in store:

  • A journey of being a woman: Explore the cultural, social, and psychological dimensions of being a woman, unravelling historical narratives.
  • A new perspective - Evolution, Empathy, Empowerment: Gain insights from the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, deepening your comprehension of the female brain, hormones, and behavioural system.
  • Activate your power of choice - Your Body, Your Mind, Your Power of Choice: Harness the power of choice through Functional Fluency, equipping yourself with practical tools to navigate and thrive during life's transitions.
  • Interactive Engagement: Participate in reflective activities and discussions, fostering connections and deeper insights into your journey.
  • Experienced Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned professionals in both therapy and coaching, specialising in women's health and Functional Fluency.

Whether you're a therapist, coach, or simply someone on a journey of self-discovery, this workshop is tailored to support you at every stage of life.

Why Join Us?

  • Empowerment: Gain insight, confidence and a new perspective to navigate through change.
  • Connection: Connect with like-minded individuals and celebrate shared experiences of womanhood.
  • Practical Strategies: Develop support strategies and skills rooted in Functional Fluency to enrich personal and professional relationships, particularly with yourself.
  • Personal Growth: Embark on a journey of self-discovery, becoming a compassionate observer of women's key life stages, and recognizing your power of choice as your superpower.

Join us as we explore this diverse and important topic together.

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For inquiries or further information, don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@functionalfluency.com.

We can't wait to welcome you.


Transformation stories

I did the TPLT because I wanted to be able to use an assessment tool founded in TA theory. The course has improved my confidence in talking about Functional Fluency and broader TA theory in coaching, educational and organisational settings. The buddy group gave great opportunities to practise, share ideas and gain mutual support. The supervision provided was invaluable throughout the process.


Sarah Lowes

Excalibur Development, United Kingdom

If you want to work with behaviours with your clients, the TIFF tool has great rigour and research behind it. Clients ‘get’ the Functional Fluency model and can access its value to their development immediately. It’s visually engaging and stimulates good dialogue. The language is easy to transfer into any setting, especially the workplace. The Functional Fluency International community is also passionate and engaging. 

Kate Shaw

Sure Potential Limited, United Kingdom

I particularly appreciated the attentiveness and commitment of the trainers and the supervision was invaluable. The course has helped me look at my own behaviour – when I act effectively and when I lose my energy. I have gained a valuable tool to work with professionally.

Agnieszka Woś-Szymanowska

Business Consultant, Poland


Joanna Williams

Psychotherapist I Consultant I Executive Coach

Joanna is a Registered BACP Psychotherapist, Executive Coach and Business Consultant working with individuals and organisations to uncover and understand the human challenges to growth and fulfilment.

Following a successful 20-year career in senior roles for corporate organisations, Joanna developed a keen interest in the cultural and human aspects of leadership, specifically the psychology of human behaviour and its influence on the quality of our lives, work, and relationships.

After several years researching and qualifying in humanistic and behavioural psychotherapy, Joanna works with clients to focus on how we can create the foundations and conditions to better understand ourselves, the impact on our relationships, and how this influences the cultural systems of groups and organisations.

Observing the overlap between coaching and therapy, and the growing importance of wellbeing and diversity in the workplace, Joanna combines her extensive knowledge and experience in organisations with her work as a Psychotherapist, helping people unlock their potential for personal growth and success.

Functional Fluency and the TIFF Behaviour Profiling tool are a firm favourite for clients in both her private and corporate practice.

Joanna's website is available here.

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