Joanna Williams

Joanna is a Registered BACP Psychotherapist, Executive Coach and Business Consultant working with individuals and organisations to uncover and understand the human challenges to growth and fulfilment.

Following a successful 20-year career in senior roles for corporate organisations, Joanna developed a keen interest in the cultural and human aspects of leadership, specifically the psychology of human behaviour and its influence on the quality of our lives, work, and relationships.

After several years researching and qualifying in humanistic and behavioural psychotherapy, Joanna works with clients to focus on how we can create the foundations and conditions to better understand ourselves, the impact on our relationships, and how this influences the cultural systems of groups and organisations.

Observing the overlap between coaching and therapy, and the growing importance of wellbeing and diversity in the workplace, Joanna combines her extensive knowledge and experience in organisations with her work as a Psychotherapist, helping people unlock their potential for personal growth and success.

Functional Fluency and the TIFF Behaviour Profiling tool are a firm favourite for clients in both her private and corporate practice.

Joanna's website is available here.

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