Congratulations on your decision to embark on a journey to become a TIFF© Provider.

Becoming a TIFF© Provider is a process rather than an event.

The Temple Index of Functional Fluency is an innovative personal development tool. A special feature of the TIFF©Questionnaire is that it provides a profile unique to the person, rather than a category to belong to. With a strong focus on the positive, this profile offers an intriguing and encouraging start to using the TIFF© framework for ongoing personal development. The TIFF© Provider gives understanding and skilful support for the process. 

Using TIFF© as a tool to promote a client’s self-awareness and understanding requires a willingness and ability to enter into a professional relationship of trust and openness. This is a necessary basis for helping people explore their patterns of behaviour revealed by the Questionnaire, and to follow through with support for the ensuing personal developmental work as appropriate. Both parties are necessarily involved as people in this process. This means that TIFF© Providers need to be engaged in their own developmental journey and to have used TIFF© as part of this.
TIFF© Providers need a deep and personal understanding of how the instrument works and what its diagnostic potential is. During training as a TIFF© provider, this knowledge will start with an understanding of the concepts in the Functional Fluency model and their theoretical underpinning. This understanding helps the Provider to appreciate how TIFF© has been created as a tool for empowerment. It also illuminates the potential meaning and significance of profile scoring for tuned in feedback sessions with clients.
Embedded at a psychological level in the structure and language are messages of hope and encouragement designed to inspire courage and curiosity. The TIFF© Provider’s attitude, skills and ways of working need to be congruent with these messages.
Because personal development is synonymous with professional development for those working in the human service sector (helping professions), TIFF© is potentially of great help in both initial and on-the-job training of teachers, social workers, medical personnel etc. However, increasingly, the personal development aspect of management and leadership training and support is being emphasised, as more and more evidence is collected to show how important emotional literacy is for effective leaders. TIFF© is congruent with Positive Psychology and Solutions Focus practice.
The TIFF© Provider Licensing Training is developed to provide the means for participants to meet the TIFF© Licensing Criteria specified in the downloadbale document below.
In order to complete your registration for the upcoming training, please fill in the Participants Information Form below. Upon completion, you will receive an invitation to fill out a TIFF© questionnaire and you will be contacted to schedule a TIFF© feedback with a licenced TIFF© Provider, who will support you in making sense of your behavioural profile and provide guidance for how to use this information. And there the journey begins!
We look forward to welcoming you into the Functional Fluency Network soon.

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