Sarah Lowes

‘To thine own self be true’: the focus of the work of my company, Excalibur Development, is to empower others to move forward in their careers with authenticity and confidence. Having originally trained as an actress and with a long career in Learning & Development behind me, I believe strongly that awareness, of oneself and others, is key to individual, team and organisational success in terms of both productivity and wellbeing. Whether working as a facilitator or coach, I seek to create an environment where people feel safe to connect honestly with themselves and with others, where they can openly examine their individual and collective impact on the world around them, celebrate their achievements, acknowledge their challenges, devise their own solutions and, in so doing, become the heroines and heroes of their own stories. Experienced in the use of psychometrics and a qualified Executive Coach, Functional Fluency and TIFF are one of the primary tools I use to facilitate clients’ deeper understanding of the impact of their behaviour on their professional relationships and the different choices that are available to them where they want to make a change.

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