Adrian O'Gara

Adrian O'Gara supports leaders & teams with culture & alignment, to accelerate strategy, growth & innovation. He loves complex business & people dynamics, from IPO & M&A to business agility & digital transformation.

His goal is to reduce the pain and increase the gain of inevitable change and is best described as curious, empathetic and empowering—or nosey, sensitive and not too bad at inspiring others to do their best work.

Adrian has been practicing Transactional Analysis and Functional Fluency since 2017 and it is the foundation of his work with individuals, teams and organisations. He is a certified TIFF Provider and he is currently working towards a 'Train the TPLT trainer' certification in 2021.

Adrian also has over 20-years of commercial experience in culture-led change—aligning people, developing leaders and coaching executives—from company-wide transformation to deep knowledge in customer-facing teams. Creating people-centred and customer-focused cultures.

Starting with organisational behaviour to lead people-change and transformation programmes, he works with leading international and fast-growth businesses, including Bazaarvoice, CA/Broadcom, Econsultancy, Gartner, GE Healthcare, LeasePlan, NTT Data, OpenText, Sitecore, The Adecco Group, ThoughtWorks and UBM.

Find out more at ogaraco.com or email adrian@ogaraco.com

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