Daniela Gardini

My name is Daniela Gardini and I was born in Germany as a result of the late 50s migration. I grew up bilingual (German and Italian) in Krefeld and after my high school diploma I went to Italy where I had declared, I wanted to study to become a surgeon. Many lives were saved because I did not become a surgeon but a certified translator and tour escort. My language skills have opened many doors. I have been not only a translator but an intercultural mediator, an sales manager in the food industry, a business developer in the trade show industry and finally I became a facilitator and coach for companies like IBM, Microsoft, Allergan, J&J, Sava, Philipp Morris etc.

After quitting on the medical career, I got my university degrees as a mature student. Best decision ever, studying with all that experience to back the theory up was fantastic. I now have a degree in Communication and Marketing and a MSc in Digital Education.

As a systemic and transactional coach I felt that the TIFF® Functional Fluency completed my approach with a methodology that is easy to understand for the coachee. I became a licenced Provider in 2017 and have had many insightful conversations with my coachees around their profiles.

In my free time I love lounging on a comfortable couch reading and I also adore long distance walking for the physical and meditative experience. The pandemic has been a wonderful, if it is ok to say so, opportunity to expand my network online and I have had the most wonderful conversations and made friends with people from all over the world.

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