Jacqueline van Onzenoort

My name is Jacqueline van Onzenoort and I live in Wassenaar in the West of the Netherlands with my husband Eric and our sons Jens and Quin. I am a learner and very curious about what is needed to be connected with yourself and with other people. My parents didn’t have a loving marriage and because of that my mission in life was fed on to bring more awareness to the world. Awareness of our personality and behavioural patterns and to find the way back to full alive from heart, heart and guts. Dare to be vulnerable again and self-aware about all our mental models in live.

I have been working as an independent entrepreneur since 2009 and I specialise as an Executive Business & Life coach, team coach and organizational developer in the design and transformation from traditional organizations to more learning and agile organizations. This asks for conscious, servant and emotional intelligent leadership and a learning change strategy. It asks for shared personal leadership of all people in the organization. This is a journey of continuous learning and growth of consciousness step by step.

Since 2024 I am a licensed TIFF© provider. Functional Fluency gives me an underlying map on individual and team behaviour and it guides in breaking through ineffective culture and leadership patterns in organisational behaviour. That is what it is all about in the transformation towards a learning organization: accounting effective leadership of all people.

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