Rowland Potter

I am Rowland Potter, born in Luton, England, married with three wonderful grown-up children, that are my joy. I launched my transport and infrastructure consultancy in 2022, and qualified as a Coach, NLP Practitioner, IMET (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) practitioner and Licensed TIFF provider during 2023.

Functional Fluency was first introduced to me during my Personal and Business Coaching course with Barefoot Coaching, and I was immediately hooked. I took an introductory workshop and completed a TIFF but was driven to complete the full Functional Fluency course. I learned so much about myself and utilise this knowledge in my everyday personal and professional life. It has also helped me to transform what were previously challenging relationships into beautiful positive ones. My coaching practice is all about helping others to find themselves and through greater self-awareness develop understanding and skills, that enable them to live their best life and grow for the benefit of all they touch in their day-to-day life. I have a passion for Spain and travel to Andalusia regularly since self employment has provided greater freedom, my main goal is to spend the bulk of my time their benefitting from the sun on my back and a more relaxed and abundant lifestyle.

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