Mike Breitbart

As an experienced supervisor, coach and trainer, I am deeply rooted in the fields of social work, child and youth welfare, early childhood education and adult education. My approach combines systemic transactional analysis, solution-focused counselling and the Temple Index of Functional Fluency (TiFF) as a foundation to effectively support individuals and organisations.


I focus on helping my clients to focus their resources, achieve goals, manage conflict and enhance their professional performance.

My clients particularly appreciate my professional and goal-orientated approach. I am known for challenging conventional thinking while providing empathetic and creative counselling. These skills enable me to broaden individual perspectives and open up new solutions.

In addition to my practical work, I am also involved as a lecturer at the Frankfurt Institute for Systemic Transactional Analysis. There I share my knowledge and experience and contribute to the training of the next generation of professionals. My commitment to teaching reflects my passion for lifelong learning and the transfer of knowledge.


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