Marjolein van Aalten-Morks

I have been working as a communication coach and trainer for 15 years now. The field I mostly work in is Education and Governmental organizations. I am an Internationally certified NLP trainer and Master Class Transactional Analysis trained. I specialize in reintegration processes and training professional culture and communication on the work floor. Driven, energetic and enthusiastic, I see it as my task and privilege to contribute to finding solutions and increasing the options cliënts have to deal with challenges. I work from a solid, calm and energetic base within myself to enthuse and empower students and clients I work with. Inspired by Transactional Analysis, I became a Licensed TIFF© Provider in 2023 and see the TIFF questionnaire and talk as a very practical, down to earth tool to gain insight in patterns and behaviors and how to make positives changes in both. Contributing to someone’s development and welfare and being solution-oriented in life is what I want to be a part of in this world.

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