Paul Kok

I established Peacock Coaching after a long career in the hospitality business. I became a coach with the intention to assist individuals and teams to unleash their potential. As a transformational coach and trainer, I support clients and companies alike towards true sustainable change in the areas of awareness, communication and leadership skills. Specialising mainly in one-to-one sessions with team members and middle and upper management, I craft my sessions carefully based on the client’s specific needs. Peacock Coaching challenges individuals and teams to develop their strengths, identify and mitigate weaknesses, and grow as individuals. I use the Functional Fluency model and the TIFF© tool with my clients to enhance their awareness and to reflect on the effectiveness of their current behavior. It is my absolute passion to identify the impulses and character traits that make people perform in a certain way, and then together incorporate their natural behavior, talents, and skills to lead them to personal happiness and professional success. Let me be part of your journey. Rise and shine!

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