Jessica Keetelaar

Hello, my name is Jessica. My personal story starts in Semarang, Indonesia, where I was born. At the age of 8 I moved (back) to the Netherlands after living in different places all over the world. My father is Dutch and my mother Bolivian. Since 2017 I have been living in Curacao. Growing up in a multicultural setting taught me how to observe, take in and adapt to the rules of the game in other (new) environments. I find this fascinating and fun. The surroundings we move around in as humans are dynamic, influenced by personal interests, needs, values, convictions and customs. This can make things both complicated and challenging. The Functional Fluency model and TIFF© personal development tool help you to get insight into your preferred patterns of behavior. Becoming more aware and understanding of your behavioral patterns makes it easier to move around in challenging situations. I believe that the different keys to personal success and fulfillment lie within. Finding the way to access them can be challenging. That is why the focus of my company JCK Coaching and Consultancy is on helping individuals, organisations and teams to identify these keys and enable them to make the connection, with themselves, others and their surroundings. #JustConnecttheKeys.

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