Benjamin Heij

My passion:

My passion lies at the intersection where organisational goals and the personal motives and qualities of people in the organisation meet. I help people take control of their personal development and strengthen their (personal) leadership. In this way, I support leaders in translating the organisational goal in such a way that it can be embraced at every level within the organisation. For this, it is necessary to know the people in your team, so that from the connection between individual, team and organisation, the whole can strengthen each other.

My expertise:

To be able to see through organisational issues and personal themes, it helps if you approach the situation from both theory and practice. My added value is that I can combine my knowledge of the HR and coaching profession with experience from management practice. When we look at your challenge together, it simply helps if I too have been at that same point before. That is why I mainly focus on issues concerning leadership, professional personal development, cooperation and performance improvement.

My approach:

After we have defined your goal or ambition, we explore the areas in which there may be obstacles and especially where the energy is (What bothers you and what drives you?). As perspective we take you as an individual as well as the context of your team and organisation. Together, we will work with personal themes that stand between the current and the desired situation. In this way, you learn to look at the situation with new insight and can make new choices more consciously. By not staring blindly at what is not going well, but by following your heart with positivity and strength, you will experience what is possible. As soon as you feel comfortable with new behaviour that suits you, new habits or a new path, your goal comes into sight.

My background

My career has alternated between various management positions (12 years in total) and HR roles (5 years), with both fields being people-oriented and organisation-oriented. I gained experience in retail at, among others, de Bijenkorf, V&D and Hudson's Bay, but also in a managerial organisation such as the ANWB. I focused on branches in the country and also gained experience with central departments such as Finance, Marketing, IT and Online. Two ingredients were always important to me: a rapidly changing or start-up environment and the professional personal development of people.

For a complete overview of my background, please refer to my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benjaminheij/.

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