"Out with the old" (ineffective) behaviours and "in with the new" (effective) ones!!

Author: Sally Redshaw | Editor: Leona Bishop

 As we are about to step into the new year, perhaps you would like to take  time to reflect on the year gone by—to pause, understand what worked, what didn’t, and embrace the new year with renewed vigour and clarity.
So let’s take a moment to think about it……
Did 2023 leave you drained or energised?

Were there moments that felt like energy vampires sucking the life out of you, or were there moments that sparked your vitality?

Let’s reflect and make sense of these patterns using Functional Fluency!

Reflecting on 2023
Rewind for a moment and use your Accounting mode to think about the following:

  • What drained you? 
  • Was it work deadlines? Endless to-do lists? Stress piled upon stress?
  • Was it a particular relationship that took a lot of your time and energy after every interaction?

The key point of reflection, is not to only focus on the difficult or negative things that happened, but to also remember to celebrate the positive things – the good things that happened, the effective and enjoyable interactions, the fun times, and the days where you had lots of energy.

Do you remember those days when creativity flowed effortlessly?
Do you recall those moments where your energy seemed boundless?

Using Functional Fluency to reflect on these contrasting times and how we respond or react to them, shines a light on the behaviours that you typically use —the 'Golden Five' (effective behaviours) and the 'Purple Pitfalls’ (ineffective behaviours), and shows where you are using your energy most. Usually, when we use ineffective behaviours only one person – or quite often, nobody, benefits.

The way in which we choose to respond to situations, decisions and challenges is important because it ultimately shapes the quality of our relationships, achievements, and life itself.

Functional Fluency is the art of choosing actions that benefit all parties involved to achieve what matters most.
It encourages us to use 'Accounting' behaviour to notice what is really going on – both inside and out. It's about acknowledging what is working and what isn’t , without judgement. From here, we can select from a ‘menu’ of effective behaviours in the Functional Fluency model, and choose to respond in an effective way where everyone benefits from your actions.
Now, let's gear up for 2024!
What if this year was different?
What if you could navigate life's hurdles more effectively?
Picture this: Stress changing into opportunities for growth …… challenges morphing into learning curves, and relationships becoming nurturing grounds.
That's the power of Functional Fluency!
And what about those 'Purple Pitfalls'?
They are the behaviours that drain our energy—like dominating conversations, ‘marshmallowing’ others by doing too much or being over-protective, succumbing to self-doubt or being submissive. They are the behaviours we exhibit when we punish others (and even ourselves), engage in fruitless arguments, supress our own needs and feelings, or make selfish or reckless decisions. Spotting these is key.
So let’s make 2024 a Functionally Fluent one!

Let’s actively work towards changing our behaviours to sidestep these ‘purple pitfalls’, and put energy into the 'Golden Five!’
Let’s embrace cooperative conversations, nurture relationships, and assertively but considerately address challenges that come our way with grace and ease.
And don’t forget we can’t pour from an empty pot!  Remember to consider your own needs. Make sure you factor in time and resources for self-care —get plenty of sleep, exercise, fuel your body with a balanced and nutritious diet, and nurture your passions.
If you look back on 2023 now …. did you listen to your body's signals?

Did you nourish your mind, body, and soul?

Did you take stock of what brought energy and what drained it as you went along?

Use this information and reflection to pave the way for a vibrant 2024.
Setting your Intentions
2024 isn’t just a new year; it’s a chance for a fresh start (although, there is absolutely nothing to say you can only do this at the beginning of the year!) Let us set intentions aligned with our values and passions.

Let us say ‘no!’ to energy-draining situations and embrace those that energise us instead.

Functional Fluency provides us with a guide that helps us to make choices that align with our aspirations. It’s about being spontaneous in creativity, cooperative in conversations, and structuring our days for balance.
Thriving in 2024 is about thriving in our effective behavioural modes—nurturing relationships, accounting for our actions, and being assertive yet empathetic.
Before we dive into the hustle of 2024, pause. Reflect.
Ask yourself:
How did my behaviours shape 2023?
What can I do differently this year?
How can Functional Fluency empower me to thrive?
2024 beckons—a year of possibilities. With Functional Fluency as our compass. Let’s navigate this year's journey with intention, positivity, and a deep understanding of ourselves.
Cheers to a thriving 2024!
Thrive at Life!
With Functional Fluency

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