Using TIFF©


TIFF Providers are the key to the process.  They have completed training and become licensed to use TIFF as a tool in their professional practice.  Our TIFF Providers are business consultants, trainers, psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, mentors and teachers.  They are dedicated to helping each client understand his or her unique TIFF Profile, and to use it as a framework for positive change and development.

TIFF Providers will offer a service tailored to your needs.  This could be:

  • A TIFF profile, supportive feedback and review session for an individual.
  • TIFF for TEAMS – individual profiles and feedbacks, plus group work using Functional Fluency to develop effective relationships and enhance team productivity.
  • TIFF as an integral part of leadership, management or coaching programmes.
  • TIFF Perspectives –  profiles are generated by participants on each other, enabling them to reflect on each other's impressions of their behaviour and how these may be different or similar to their own.

Details of the bespoke service including the cost, will be agreed with the Provider with whom you choose to work.


How the TIFF© process works


  • Completion of a TIFF questionnaire (usually online) taking 20 – 30 minutes.

  • Individual feedback session with a TIFF Provider (usually face-to-face) to learn about the Functional Fluency model, thoroughly explore your TIFF profile and co-create an action plan for personal development.

  • Follow-up session(s) using the TIFF framework, arranged by agreement. 

TIFF feedback with Susannah



How to become a TIFF provider?


Becoming a TIFF provider is more of a process than an event so that each person gains their own deep and thorough understanding of how and why TIFF works as it does for helping people develop and flourish.

The first step is to complete the TIFF questionnaire and then receive individual feedback. Training is based on this experience. It includes workshops, seminars, tutorials and supervised work with practice clients. The experiential exercises, discussions and use of case studies help people learn from their own and each other’s growing experience of TIFF and how to use it.


Potential TIFF Providers are already experienced practitioners in their respective fields. The TIFF Provider Training is designed to enable people to meet the TIFF Licensing Criteria that support effective and appropriate provision of TIFF for the full benefit of clients.


Training is organised flexibly to meet the needs of participants. It can be provided ‘in-house’, in an ongoing group or otherwise.