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Build interpersonal skills with Functional Fluency

It's what you do – and how you do it – that really matters.

Learn how to communicate effectively and build relationships that count. Develop deeper self-awareness and create a language that unifies.

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Kickstart organisational culture change

Introduce Functional Fluency into your team, organisation, or community. Develop emotional intelligence, stimulate effective workplace relationships, become a more effective leader!

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Interpersonal Effectiveness

Functional Fluency is about changing the way people do things. It is about creating more effective interpersonal relationships in order to achieve what really matters, in all realms of life.

Recognizing the complexities of human behavior and understanding the dynamics of building relationships while enhancing emotional intelligence are crucial skills. Functional Fluency, along with its associated unique TIFF© people development tool, liberates us from the 'personality trap.' It empowers individuals to shape their actions and outcomes, enabling them to make decisions that are mutually beneficial for themselves and others. Functional Fluency provides a unifying language that can help anyone in their professional career - on individual, team or organisational level - and personal life. It also shows us how we can reach our goals with less stress, how to use our energy and time more effectively – and ultimately how to thrive at life!

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Functional Fluency can be applied to people development by anyone, anywhere, whether you want to drive positive behavioural change or kickstart transformation in any organisation. Download our free Starter Pack.



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Are you a coach, counsellor, consultant, trainer, mentor, educator or therapist? By using Functional Fluency, you can maximise your effectiveness in guiding others. Check out our training programmes.

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Transformation stories

I learnt so much more about my strengths, my working style, how I approach matters and how to deal with myself. Alok (TIFF Provider) made the entire process easy to sail through and relatable. It added a lot of value at my work and also as an individual.

Nidhi Jain

Associate Vice President (HR) - CPA Global, India

Through Functional Fluency, I learned how to handle situations with people more positively and learned techniques that I can use to persuade and influence others to be more productive. Doing TIFF has helped me to understand what my leadership style is and how it affects my ability to lead.

Monika Rai

Digital Marketing Manager - Proprofs, India

Functional Fluency gave me a better comprehension of what drives my own patterns and actions and helped me understand myself better. TIFF placed an instant mirror in front of me and gave me a compass that will help me navigate this life effectively as a wife, mother, daughter, friend and entrepreneur.

Sulaika Janga

Advisor - Lighthouse Advisory Services, Curacao

For anyone interested in developing their self awareness re. how their behaviour impacts their professional, home and social lives, Functional Fluency is for you. Just be ready to go in with an open mind and don’t be afraid of the good, the bad and the ugly – we are all a work-in-progress. 

Nina Griffee

Chief Operations Officer, Indonesia

During the TIFF Feedback my client could really put words to what she was living: where she was effective, where she was losing energy, what she needed! After choosing some new behaviours she found more energy to be creative. It was wonderful to see the transformation!

Valérie Cionca

TIFF Provider & Connector, Switzerland

Through exploration of individual TIFF© profiles, participants understood, and were sometimes confronted by, the effects of their behaviour. This was necessary in order to grow as a leader. Using Functional Fluency brought us closer to the core, the inevitability – to be authentic!

Tanya van der Heijden

NH Hotels, The Netherlands

We appreciate its power and relevance to coaching in that Functional Fluency creates options for new useful behaviour by bringing the unconscious into awareness. Your presentation had me engaged and stayed with me. In the days after I found myself asking in moments of challenge - I wonder what modes of behaviour I am using now? What shifts might be helpful would I want to make?

Alex van Oostveen for COMENSA Western Cape, South Africa

I experience Functional Fluency as a very useful model in understanding my relationships and myself. I realized that I have the power to choose behaviour. Anyone who wants a real change in their relationship with themselves and others needs to live this experience. The dialogue with your TIFF Provider is key!

Esra Yılmaz

Psychologist & Family Counselor, Turkey

Build Effective Relationships with Functional Fluency.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Functional Fluency the same as TIFF©?

    No. Functional Fluency is the model, the basis, created by Susannah Temple. Extremely valuable for individuals and professionals, for anyone who wants to work effectively with others without wasting energy. But to gain insight into yourself, we recommend you complete a TIFF© questionnaire which you can discuss with your TIFF© Provider. TIFF© is an abbreviation for Temple Index of Functional Fluency.

  • I'm not getting the best out of my team as a leader. How can Functional Fluency help me?

    By learning about Functional Fluency on a personal level you will see your own patterns of behaviour more clearly and recognise where you are more or less effective . You will understand how you trigger reactions or responses in others. As a consequence, you will be able to choose what to keep doing and which new behaviours to try out. This will be to your benefit and to that of your team.

    In the next step, you'll be able to introduce Functional Fluency to your organisation, inspiring and motivating others to work well together and with you. This will help employees and teams to:

    • Take responsibility for their actions
    • Feel happy with themselves
    • Cooperate better
    • Experience greater peak performance
    • Bring a ‘can-do’ attitude to every area

    If you want to find out more, get in touch with us!

  • Can I work with Functional Fluency if I don't use TIFF© (with questionnaire)?

    Yes, anyone can use the Functional Fluency Model to learn to examine and make sense of their own behaviour and find ways to change it, if they wish to. Our starter pack can help you start out on your own and we provide further support with the course Introduction to Functional Fluency. If you are inspired to use the Functional Fluency model in your work with clients or colleagues, you are free to do so. With our Introduction to Functional Fluency Train the Trainer course,  we offer further support and material that can be used in various contexts.

  • Do I need to be accredited to use TIFF©?

    No. However you must be guided through the full TIFF© process with a certified TIFF© Provider. To find out more about how Functional Fluency and TIFF© can help the continuing professional development of your organisation’s leaders and teams, please visit the Organisations page on this website.



  • Where are TIFF© Providers located?

    There are TIFF© Providers in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, South Africa, India, Brazil, Australia and in the Caribbean. To find out more please visit the People page on this website.

  • What qualifications do I need to become a TIFF© Provider?

    You will need three years relevant experience in a helping or managerial profession (for example coaching, counselling, consulting, training, mentoring, psychotherapy) and a basic knowledge of Transactional Analysis (TA). For those without any prior knowledge of TA, on which the Functional Fluency model is based, a short separate course can be provided for an additional charge. For more information please visit the Training Program on this website.

  • How do I become a licensed TIFF© provider?

    To become a licensed provider you need to attend a TIFF© Provider Licensing Training (TPLT) course. For more information please visit the Certifications  page on this website.

  • What is a TIFF©?

    The TIFF© (Temple Index of Functional Fluency) is an international award-winning coaching and personal development tool based on the Functional Fluency Model. It consists of an online questionnaire and (after completion) a one-to-one collaborative feedback session with a TIFF© Provider. The outcome is a unique, co-created profile, with discussion, support and guidance for how to put it to use. The TIFF© process puts the personal back into personal development, boosting morale, emotional literacy, self-motivation and informing behavioural change. TIFF© can help us see clearly how people behave, where they focus their energy and how effectively they do that. The self-awareness, interpersonal skills and understanding gained from TIFF© enhances people’s abilitiy to build relationships effectively and make better decisions. 

  • What makes TIFF© different from other profiling tools?

    The TIFF© feedback process involves the client exploring their personalised profile with their licensed TIFF©  provider. It is not a personality test and the feedback is not computerised. There is no typecasting or categorising of people. Through our accredited online courses – the four main Functional Fluency and TIFF© training programmes – helping professionals around the world are able to use Functional Fluency and the TIFF© personal self development tool, so they can pass on the benefits to their clients through meaningful individual encounters.



Sherwin Latina

Strategic Business Advisor | Organisational Coach

I use the Functional Fluency Model and TIFF© tool to equip and empower people, and to promote self-awareness and understanding that enhances their emotional literacy, which is crucial for their personal – and professional effectiveness.

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