What people are saying about Functional Fluency and TIFF©

Business Managers
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"TIFF was used in our Personal Development Initiate programme (Management Development).  We found the Functional Fluency model, based on Transactional Analysis, relatively easy to link to the results of behaviours evident in daily practice.  The participants were able to:

  • Take on responsibility, and avoid pitfalls such as behaving in an over-protective way
  • Be alert to what is going on around them and how effective they are in evaluating and acting in specific situations
  • Be spontaneous, use their intrinsic motivation and creativity

Through exploration of individual TIFF profiles, participants understood, and were sometimes confronted by, the effects of their behaviour.  This was necessary in order to grow as a leader.  In conclusion, using Functional Fluency brought us closer to the core, the inevitability – to be authentic!"  Tanya van der Heijden, NH Hotels

"Functional Fluency promotes and challenges us to be personally effective and to set a good example using positive communication with others.  The outcome is a positive working environment, with less stress and people producing more and better." IT Company Manager

"My TIFF profile helped me to understand more clearly the impact I have on my colleagues. It has also enabled me think about how I can help others to get the best out of themselves, without me losing out by being too eager to please. My TIFF feedback has had a profound effect on me and I have made a number of life altering changes in the past few months."  Customer Service Manager

"TIFF allowed me to see myself differently and more positively.  It transformed my ideas as to how I reacted to criticism.  I have already seen improvements in how I relate to staff, suppliers and customers."  Small business owner

"My TIFF has allowed me to appreciate the strengths I already have.  This has helped me to see how I can grow my business by having the confidence to delegate certain tasks, and to ask for help from others I recognise have skills I need for my business, but lack myself."  Social Entrepreneur

“I have found that doing TIFF has allowed me insight into making certain changes in my work and home life, leading to improved relations in both areas. It has been very positive.” Participant on a women in management course.

"Doing TIFF has helped me to channel my energy more positively. I find it easier to prioritise and be more effective (and happier!) in my personal and working life."  Copywriter and Marketing Communications Specialist at 'Well Put Words'



Local Authority Managers

“I thoroughly enjoyed the TIFF workshop and have enthused about it back at home and work. I thought it worked well, stimulating, challenging at times but encouraging and rewarding.” Local authority manager

"TIFF has huge potential and relevance to the ‘matrix management’ world we are increasingly working in."  Local authority head of service


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“Objectively and honestly assessing ones weaknesses and strengths in the field of managing staff is difficult, but the TIFF process and its delivery fostered a positive approach from the outset. Involving colleagues by using TIFF Perspectives offered me a genuine sense of their contribution towards my personal development and my desire to become a more effective manager. Having completed the whole TIFF process I was able to become a far more enabling and trusting manager of some very capable staff, whose strengths I may not have fully appreciated in the past. I now manage resources in a much more 'hands off' and strategic way, and importantly give my staff the opportunity to make mistakes and to learn from them. The result is a mature and engaged team who are more focussed and productive. According to the feedback from my regular one-to-one meetings, they are happy at my level of interaction with them. The story does not end there for me, however. There has been an identifiable bonus in that I found an application of the skills developed in the TIFF process in my role as a mentor for young looked after people. Using the techniques and outcomes of TIFF, I have been able to reflect upon and assess the way I interact with these youngsters to offer them what I feel is a supporting role in helping them shape their futures.” Local authority manager


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"TIFF provides a unique way to help a person reflect on how effectively they are communicating and building relationships with others - as a leader within their organisation, as a manager with their direct reports or as an individual contributor with a wider network of stakeholders. I can highly recommend TIFF for use within organisations as well as for independent executive coaches." Leadership Coach & Organisational Development Partner, Google Ltd

"We appreciate its power and relevance to coaching in that Functional Fluency creates options for new useful behaviour by bringing the unconscious into awareness." "Your presentation had me engaged and stayed with me.  In the days after I found myself asking in moments of challenge  - I wonder in what mode(s) I am functioning now? What shifts that might be helpful would I want to make?" COMENSA Western Cape members

 "Following my TIFF feedback meeting, I took the information on board and had a serious think about certain aspects in my life and what was holding me back from my potential.  The issue I had that I was unable to deal with has now been resolved.  Exploration of my TIFF Profile gave me the confidence to make that positive step and I am feeling so much better and free from the demon that was causing the blockage."  Coaching client

New TIFF Providers:  “The first two feedbacks proved to be powerful and interesting. I learnt a great deal from doing them and both clients seemed to get a lot from the process - very inspiring!"  Psychometric interpreter/counsellor

“On Friday I had my first TIFF client. It worked marvellously - much better than I had expected. It enabled my client to reflect in a very positive way on his problem and on himself. We got a very good idea what we will work on next session, and developed such a friendly contact. Thanks for your support.” Senior executive coach


top of the mountainEducators

"Not only will I use my TIFF results as part of my professional development, but also to monitor how I come across to new team members/colleagues in different situations and also ensure that I continue to adapt to different situations and circumstances to ensure efficiency in performance."  Level 5 Management & Leadership Apprentice

"My TIFF profile enlightened me to my own behaviour and how it impacts on other people."  Further Education College Manager

“With regard to reflecting on my personal behaviour, TIFF was a key tool.”  Third year degree student

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the TIFF workshop. I was fascinated by what I heard about TA and TIFF, not to mention my own profile. I think that TIFF is extremely important and I was struck by the simplicity of the tool, as well as the complexity of the thinking that has evidently gone on behind the scenes.”  Researcher of emotional literacy 

 “Thank you so much for a wonderfully affirmative day. It was an enriching experience and I have already brought some of this back into college today, when I was able to talk about shared values and valuing people (response-ability, and using head AND heart!).”  Further Education lecturer