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Introducing "The Fluent Leader", a must-read for all leaders and managers who aspire to be more effective in their roles. This insightful and comprehensive book draws inspiration from Transactional Analysis, and explores how Functional Fluency can be used to promote effective leadership and a healthy working environment.

The Fluent Leader offers a fresh perspective on leadership, guiding readers on how to use their power and choice of behavioural patterns more effectively. It provides practical tools and techniques for developing positive behaviours that can empower people and organisations to succeed. Through this book, leaders and managers can explore how to change ineffective behaviours that may be holding them back, and learn how to use the most effective behaviours for success.

This book is a valuable resource for leaders and managers at all levels in any kind of organisation and coaches who work with leaders, teams and organizations. It provides a roadmap for developing effective behaviours, and for creating a positive and healthy working environment that can foster success. If you are looking to enhance your leadership skills and promote positive change within your organisation, then "The Fluent Leader" is the perfect book for you.

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