From Ego States to Functional Fluency

This article may be of interest to you if you are familiar with Transacational Analysis and would like to learn more about Functional Fluency in relation to Ego states and the Integrating Adult.

Lieuwe Koopmans (TSTA-O), author of the article 'From Ego States to Functional Fluency',  describes his own development around ego states, the integrating Adult and Functional Fluency. Step by step he walks you through the structural model of ego states, the functional model of ego states, the integrated Adult, as described by Berne, ending up with the concept of the integrating Adult. Together they  form the prelude to the last part of this article: the model of Functional Fluency as a teachable and transferable elaboration of the model of the integrating Adult, and the Temple Index of Functional Fluency (TIFF), a validated ‘actometric’ personal development tool.

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