Valerie Cionca

I’m a consultant with 30 years of experience in project management, HR and team management up to 50 people. I’m recognized for my ability to build bridges between management and teams, between business lines and in particular between language regions. At the end of 2015, I created V. Cionca Consulting and coach my clients to achieve their professional and personal goals. In 2018, I co-created the Institute of Emerging Change which I co-lead since October 2019 with Madeleine Laugeri. I teach Transactional Analysis for the professional and personal development of students and coaches, leaders and their teams to develop their hierarchical dialogue in order to achieve their goals in line with their vision.

Since December 2016 I’m a passionate TIFF provider. In 2020 I also became a certified TPLT-trainer and FFI Connector, eager to spread the model of Functional Fluency as well as the TIFF in French speaking countries.

I like to cooperate with colleagues and be part of different networks such as the FFI Network where I appreciate the exchange of experiences with colleagues.

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