Puren Savas Gedikoglu BAEd, MBA

Understanding "why we do what we do" has been my main focus in life which led me to Functional Fluency and TIFF.

During your journey of forming your own identity and being accepted as an individual, you have the choice and the responsibility to carve your own path in life.

We are not born with our personality and there is no “personality” to excavate within us, but rather, that our beliefs, values and decisions  determine who we are. Our brains’ plasticity and cognitive ability does not end with our childhood but remains flexible throughout our life which enables us to change and grow continuously.

If you would like to build your understanding of the small yet very important details within the wider picture of your life, nurture your self-understanding, acquire knowledge about human behaviour and gain skills which will help you  to manage your relationships it would be my pleasure to meet you. 

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