Marshmallowing . . . Uhh what's that?

Marshmallows are soft and sickly-sweet, and eating too many is not good for you!

‘Marshmallowing’ is the term used in the Functional Fluency model to express soft and hidden ways of caring that are not helpful, and may be harmful, to others and self.

‘Marshmallowing’ is about giving in, making excuses, over-sympathy and doing it for them. The message you are giving out is “you are inadequate”.

Are you wearing yourself out by caring?

Ask yourself the questions:

  • Who is benefitting from my care?
  • Am I wearing myself out by caring?
  • What is the outcome? For myself and others?

Understanding the Functional Fluency model, can help you to instead use your energy to care in a positive, nurturing way.  Nurturing is about being there, listening, accepting and encouraging.  This enables growth and self-acceptance, giving out the message “you’re OK as you are”.

Discover how effectively you are using your energy

The best way to learn about the Functional Fluency model is to have your own Temple Index of Functional Fluency (TIFF) profile.  Your unique TIFF profile will enhance your self-awareness and understanding and give you a framework for personal development.

Get in touch and find how you can learn to use your energy more effectively, by Nurturing more and Marshmallowing less – info@functionalfluency.com

Jane Hicks (2021)

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