Are you a 'Lighthouse Parent'?

‘Lighthouse parenting’ is the term coined by paediatrician, Dr Kenneth Ginsburg.  He says parents should be “beacons of light on a stable shoreline from which children can safely navigate the world.  We must make certain they don’t crash against the rocks, but trust they have the capacity to learn to ride the waves on their own.”

If you see yourself more as a hovering ‘helicopter parent’, or a ‘drone parent’, monitoring your child’s every moment on social media, you can benefit from a more relaxed way of parenting.

Learning about the Functional Fluency model can help you develop the skills needed for successful ‘lighthouse parenting’.  It is a straightforward way of recognising and understanding what you are thinking and doing, and the choice you have over this.  It provides a practical framework for changing how you behave - how to use less energy on what doesn’t work for you, and more energy on what works well.

TIFF© is the international award winning, personal development tool, based on the Functional Fluency model.  Undertaking TIFF for yourself provides a unique, co-created profile that enhances self-awareness, and includes an action plan for positive change.

Through a greater understanding of yourself and how your behaviour impacts on others, TIFF© enables you to:

  • Understand what makes for effective parenting
  • Build rewarding positive relationships with your children
  • Give warmth and affection with clear expectations and firm boundaries
  • Take extra enjoyment from being with your children.

Email info@functionalfluency.com to find out how to develop as a ‘beacon of light’ for your children.

 Jane Hicks (first posted in 2018)

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