How's Your Team Working?

An initial report from research by ‘What Works Wellbeing’ examines which actions to improve workplace social atmospheres are also best for improving wellbeing. The evidence shows that shared activities, with people doing things together as a group, can improve wellbeing and performance.

The activities don’t have to be big or complex, for example workshops, group sessions with a specific focus, and an internal mentoring programme can all be beneficial.  The input from someone external to the organisation may also be valuable in offering a fresh perspective and bringing new skills and experiences.

The Functional Fluency model and TIFF© personal development tool provide a practical framework for team activities, enabling group members to:

  • Further increase self-awareness and empathy
  • Build confidence by using a common language in positive and productive ways
  • Release creativity and energy
  • Maximise ingenuity for problem-solving
  • Develop trust and mutual support

Our clients have said:

“The team exercise gave perspective and opened up some valuable and relevant conversations.”

“It has given us a structure and a language that makes talking about tough stuff feel liberating and constructive.”

Jane Hicks 

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