Layo Seriki - Finance & Research

Hi, I'm Layo - one of the founders of Functional Fluency International.

My journey with Functional Fluency began in 2016, when I was able to organise and take part in the first TIFF© Provider Licensing training on the African Continent. After that, my work coaching leaders and teams in organisations got a real boost, as I was able to enthusiastically offer this simple and impactful framework to clients, who were brave enough to try out something new and own their choices.

For a long time my desire has been to build bridges - to find connections between worlds that seem separate. Functional Fluency has helped me to connect my personal development with my professional growth. It has added to and connected with all other methods and tools that I had begun learning before and has greatly enhanced my confidence in working with the whole person in all their spheres of life (personal, professional, organisational).

I am thrilled to be working with a diverse team of people within FFI who value and respect themselves, each other and all those we come into contact with... and am hugely grateful for the trust Susannah Temple, who began this work, has placed in us.

In this amazing team of imperfect, real, wonderful people I am responsible for:

Finance (managing the flow of money as energy for FFI),
Research (continuing to find out how Functional Fluency has an impact in various contexts and how this impact can be strengthened further)

... and, anything else that our team decides I can and should add on our journey to spreading Functional Fluency across the globe.

Email: layo@functionalfluency.com

Mobile: +27 78 5471105

Build Effective Relationships with Functional Fluency.

Your Personal TIFF Experience

A great way to start getting to know Functional Fluency is through your own personal "TIFF Experience". This process really puts the "personal" back into "personal development".

You can choose a licenced TIFF provider, who you feel you can connect with. This person will provide you with a link to fill in a TIFF questionnaire online in your own time. The result of this will be a snapshot of your patterns of social behaviour. In a collaborative one-on-one feeback session, your TIFF provider will support you in making sense of your behavioural profile and provide guidance for how to use this information.

Try it out and, if you like, let us know what happens next!

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