Lémoiro Hodge

Hello, my name is Lémoiro Hodge and I help organizations with their teams, team members or managers and their mutual communication. By improving the way they effectively communicate, enabling them to embrace their personal leadership and guiding them to gain insights on leadership styles, space is created for a healthier and more effective working environment.

As a trainer & coach I am passionate about people understanding each other properly and being aware of one’s own behavior and its effects. It is empowering for any individual to obtain such insights and practice approaching situations in a different way. It is very fulfilling to see people improve their relationship with others or when a mutual understanding is created based on openness (for better or worse).

My passion for training and coaching started in Sales and Customer Care. Over the years I have broadened my scope by seeking out new tools and methods. I am now certified in several fields of expertise such as
Neuro Linguistic Programming, DISC + Drives analyses and of course TIFF analyses.
With a TIFF analysis we can zoom in on the ineffective behavior that is keeping you from being your best self. The answer is never cut and dry but having a clear goal to work towards, with a motivation that comes from within, is already a great first step in your journey.

My methods of training are with a ‘can do’ mindset, structured (usually), passionate and practical. There is room for laughter and the safety to be vulnerable. I may ask plenty of questions, but it is out of my sincere interest and the desire to help. By following the signs of non-verbal communication, I am often taken to the needs that are hidden or not mentioned. I am appreciated for my empathic sensitivity, openness and adaptability to the person or situation.

You can also learn more about me through my LinkedIn page.

Creating the space to connect to others, starts with understanding your own boundaries. I am looking forward to exploring together.

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