Danielle Kaashoek

Hi, my name is Danielle. Born and raised in the Netherlands near Rotterdam, I emigrated to Curaçao in 2017. A big step in my life and personal growth. To this day I enjoy it to the fullest and am grateful for all the opportunities I have been given. I work as a TIFF© Provider and independent professional in the field of Human Resources (interim and projects) and personal and team development within organisations. My conviction is that every human being has valuable talents and that these can be (even) better utilised. Daring to look in the mirror as a person or as an organisation is, to me, a prerequisite for growth. Growth that contributes to becoming a more beautiful person, a better organisation and, ultimately, contributes a more beautiful world. Functional Fluency and TIFF© help you to become (more) aware of (dys)functional patterns and behavior. Through which glasses are you looking at the world and what does this mean for your behavior and communication? How functionally fluent and effective are you as a person, an employee or as a manager? Are we going on this voyage of discovery together?

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