Karin Hess

My name is Karin Hess. I work as a certified orthomolecular therapist, TIFF© provider, Yoga teacher and lifestyle coach. In November 2018, I emigrated to Curaçao to share my knowledge and skills in the Caribbean and Suriname. As an experience expert, I am convinced that chronic disorders and illnesses need a holistic approach to activate and increase self-healing ability. I use Functional Fluency and TIFF© in my coaching to provide insight into my own and others’ behavior. Sickness and health are all related. Self-awareness and consciousness are essential in order to gain insight into your own behavior and make other choices to increase your own health on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. As the founder of Salú Vida and a therapist I provide individual/group health advice and therapies. I also focus on awareness raising within the B2B community to place disease prevention of employees on the roadmap to mutual success. My mission is to help you too, to find your way to a ‘Salú Vida’ which means a healthy life!

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