Premium Membership

This is for TIFF Providers who work intensely with FF and TIFF.
Annual price for Premium membership:
€ 995,- excl. VAT for Euro countries.

Prices for countries outside of the Euro-zone are adapted according to purchasing power. View the overall membership page and click on the currency icon on the menu bar in the right corner for info about the annual membership fee in your currency.

If you are completely committed to helping others communicate more effectively and to developing further using FF and TIFF, then you will want to get our most extensive support, which is included in the Premium Membership. In addition to everything that comes with your Standard membership, you get 30 TIFF credits, access to all webinars throughout the year and two Train the Trainer courses - Intro to FF and Get on the Mat. All materials for facilitating the trainer courses are also included and you will receive free access to the annual Premium FF Day for all our Premium Members.

Ultimate support

Premium membership provides you with the ultimate support for all your Functional Fluency ambitions. It is meant only for those who are TIFF Providers with years of experience, who have conducted many TIFF sessions with clients and now want to go even further: training the trainers themselves.

We assume that you have already done the Intro to Functional Fluency training, but this is not a requirement. This training is also included in the Premium membership. 

Good to know: After your upgrade to Premium, your membership runs annually and is automatically renewed, unless it is cancelled 28 days prior to the month in which membership began.

After the first year and after your training, you will have the opportunity to make new contacts, refresh your knowledge and learn from the best within Functional Fluency international during the Online Premium FFI Days.

Upgrade to Premium


There are no limits. There are only plateaus.

Your Personal TIFF Experience

A great way to start getting to know Functional Fluency is through your own personal "TIFF Experience". This process really puts the "personal" back into "personal development".

You can choose a licenced TIFF provider, who you feel you can connect with. This person will provide you with a link to fill in a TIFF questionnaire online in your own time. The result of this will be a snapshot of your patterns of social behaviour. In a collaborative one-on-one feeback session, your TIFF provider will support you in making sense of your behavioural profile and provide guidance for how to use this information.

Try it out and, if you like, let us know what happens next!

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