Get on the Mat workshop

Anyone can join! Ony 2 spaces left!

The online Get on the Mat workshop (GOTM) offers an amazing opportunity for anyone (members and non-members) to fully experience Functional Fluency in action, working with the Model through a systemic framework.

We 'play' out different circumstances and situations. We get an overview of possibilities. We see what we could not see before. We tap into the "Knowing Field" while exploring our challenges on The Mat, where everything has a right to belong. On The Mat we place people, issues, family members or colleagues that are relevant to whatever shift is desired. During a session we make sense of what happens on The Mat and often settle into a solution or receive new clarity around our question. We free ourselves from ineffective patterns of behavior. We learn to self-regulate with more effective behavior. We work to establish internal balance, ease, self-acceptance, emotional safety and healthy connections with ourselves and others.

Growth & transformation are hard as it is, why not make it more playful and get long lasting and valuable results at the same time?

Date: 2 October 2023

Time: 19:00 - 21:00 (CEST) - please check what this is in your timezone!

A maximum of 6 participants can join per workshop. Only 2 spaces left! Registration closes on 25th September 2023.

Motivate change, enhance strengths, transform ineffective behaviour
Each session is a 2-hour in-depth interactive playfield in a confidential small-group setting. You will have the opportunity to act out your own challenging experiences on the Functional Fluency mat.

Our Functional Fluency & TIFF© Providers will skillfully guide the 'Get on the mat' sessions in a safe and supportive way. The sessions are personal and respectful of your level of willingness to transform.

Get on the mat is THE time to explore the leader within, to find tools and insights whilst being in the moment and having fun.

The Get on the Mat workshop is also the starting point for those TIFF© Providers who would like to become Get on the Mat facilitators.

In-company: If you want to bring this to your company, email info@functionalfluency.com. These sessions are amazing teambuilders and a true gift for your company and it’s people.


For non-members, Standard members and Energy Plus members:
€ 50 (excl VAT) for participants from the EURO region. If you are signing up from outside of Europe, the amount will depend on the country you are signing up from. For information about the fee per currency, please visit the program page via the button below and click on the currency icon in the right top corner in the menu of the website.

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For Discovery and Premium members: You can join 2 GOTM-sessions per year for free. Fill in the form below to book your session.

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If this is not included in your membership or training program, you can still sign up. Please visit the training program page and click on the register button for the GOTM workshop.

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