Events by Functional Fluency International

Functional Fluency International offers various events to connect people, inspire, develop and share insights about the work with Functional Fluency. These include Functional Fluency Supervision (for TIFF providers to reflect on their practice), Network Sessions (for TIFF providers to connect with each other, learn and develop specific topics together), Webinars (for anyone to get input from topic experts and interact around this), Get On The Mat Sessions (for anyone as an opportuity to immerse yourself in the Functional Fluency model as an aid for self-reflection) , and Training Programs (to learn and get certified).

Many of these events are offered online, so that you can join from wherever you are in the world. For our members, many of these events are free.

The supervisors, trainers and facilitators are all licensed by Functional Fluency international. We believe that the diversity of people hosting and facilitating our events makes it possible to observe and learn from different viewpoints and adds depth and spice to our events.

Keep checking our website for updates on events,
as the offering will grow continuously!

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