Benefits of TIFF©

TIFF helps people enhance their self-awareness, improve communication, build positive relationships, so becoming more effective throughout their personal and professional lives. 

TIFF promotes: 

Leadership that enables

  • become more confident and assertive as a leader
  • guide and direct positively
  • empower and support others
  • develop the leaders they want to be

Effective Communication

  • develop active listening skills
  • become more assertive
  • articulate their own needs considerately
  • avoid misunderstanding

Confident parents thriving children

  • enhancing their self-confidence in parenting roles
  • helping them build positive relationships with children
  • guiding them to provide appropriate care and control for healthy self-esteem
  • encouraging them to give warmth and affection with firm clear expectations and boundaries

Success and satisfaction

  • rebalance their energy output
  • care without becoming worn-out
  • use authority so that everyone benefits
  • enjoy being an individual in their own right

Creative Teams

  • build high performing, can-do teams
  • reduce conflict, so enhancing morale
  • optimize individual and team strengths
  • bring greater mutual commitment and loyalty